Here it is, the School Years Memory Album, created to provide you with a hard cover, spiral bound album that was specifically designed to hold childhood memories like class photos, report cards, awards, sports team photos, art work, etc.

The Album was designed by parents, for parents, with their own desire to safely keep all of their child’s school year memories in one album. Based on the unique needs parents have the 60 page School Years Memory Album was designed with several unique features:

1. All in One

Our Album goes all the way from Pre-School to Grade 12 – All your child’s memories in one spot! Other books don’t offer the convenience of having pages and envelopes to include all your school years in one album.

More pages for each year – so you can keep more information and mementoes.

2. Size

At 11 x 14 (28 cm x 35 cm) our album is oversized for a good reason– why try and store class photos and report cards etc. in a regular sized book - where you will have to fold them or have them sticking out and potentially being ripped/damaged. We’ve created an Album that is 11 x 14 so that all your special keepsakes can be safely stored inside without having to be folded in half or stick out of the album. 

3. Pockets

Larger pockets – large enough to hold any class/team photo without having to bend or fold it. Each pocket was designed so that you can maximize how many memories you can keep from each school year.