When I founded the company my wife and I were like many parents (we had sons in JK and  Grade 1 at the time), we were wondering how/where to store all the report cards, class photos, sport team pictures, artwork, etc. our children were beginning to accumulate.

My mother had created something she called a Student Treasure Album where she kept all of these types of keepsakes for me.  It was a book with folders for each grade that she was able to keep all of my memories from each grade together in one place.  My wife and I wanted something similar for our own children but couldn’t find an Album that met our needs anywhere, so we just started to keep our children’s mementos in a box!

After much thought we decided we could do better than a box! So together we decided to start a company and create our own premium quality School Years Memory Album to provide parents with a convenient tool to store all of their child’s most special school years memories together in one spot.

We believe that our School Years Memory Album will provide you with the ability to conveniently keep all of your child’s most cherished school years memories together in one place. And offer the ability to one day look back and share with your child all that they experienced and accomplished during their school years.